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Cayman Pharma is one of the world’s most reliable and versatile sources for prostaglandin active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Located in Neratovice, near Prague, Cayman Pharma has over 40 years of commercial prostaglandin manufacturing experience, is ISO certified, and has an excellent track record with customers and regulatory authorities worldwide including the FDA and European regulatory authorities. With 130 employees, Cayman Pharma is a dynamic employer with emphasis on employee career development and GMP compliance. For management of glaucoma, our prostaglandin derivatives Latanoprost, Travoprost, Bimatoprost and Tafluprost, all have validated GMP routes and regulatory approvals needed for export worldwide. Management of pulmonary hypertension is facilitated by Epoprostenol while Cloprostenol is used for the synchronization during rutting season for large animals. The majority of produced material in the form of API leaves the Czech Republic and is exported to 57 countries around the world to local manufactures of final formulations. Even though Cayman Pharma is part of the Cayman global concept, the atmosphere inside of the company is retained on a very close personal level in a family-like environment. A majority of the employees stay with the company for most, if not all, of their professional career and actively participate in the development of prostaglandin know-how. Prostaglandins are hormone like compounds that can be found in practically all organs of the body and have many different physiological functions. Chemically, they are derived from arachidonic acid and through the change of chemical groups and substituents, they gain specific pharmacological properties. Production of prostaglandin APIs is one of most technologically challenging processes in the pharmaceutical industry. From starting material to the final API, production processes take up to 6 months due to the complexity of prostaglandin chemistry. Although the quantities sold are indicated in grams, the material produced has great added value due to the multistep manufacturing process.

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